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    Shell Shop- Christina Bull

    Shell Shop is a shell and preserved sea creature retailer in Provincetown, MA. Shell Shop specializes in 1000’s of Sea shells, specimen shells, windchimes, piranha, shark jaws, shark teeth, framed sea life, largest Black Sea fan in the world, airplants, hermit crabs, shell jewelry, and wampum jewelry.

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    Alderfer Eggs Packaging- Christina Bull

    A package for Alderfer cage free brown eggs. The package is capable of being dropped at up to 6 feet without causing damage to the product inside.

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    Milk Truck Branding- Christina Bull

    Milk Truck is an artisnal NYC food truck that specializes in dairy products. A large part of Milk Truck’s approachable charm is drawn from its nostalgic feel. In the updated design, this concept is emphasized by entirely committing the visual identity to a 50’s Milk Delivery Truck aesthetic. The altered tittle above the i is intended to loosely represent a dollop melted cheese drip as well as to resemble a GPS location marker. All items purchased at Milk Truck will be placed in a convenient carrying arrangement inspired by an antique milk delivery crate.

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    M&M’s Packaging- Christina Bull

    A reimagined package for M&M’s candies. The overall design is based on the image of an M&M”s “cross-section.” individual units for the product are contained by a carrying case  which conveniently converts into a tabletop store display.

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    House Industries Rebrand- Christina Bull

    A complete rebrand for House Industries– a prolific type and design studio based in Yorklyn, Delaware. In addition to the production of typefaces, House specializes in manufacturing everyday goods that showcase their typography. Such materials include accessories, posters, housewares, and clothing,. The distortions of the logo and the variety of colorful textures implemented across all materials of the new identity are intended tp emphasize House’s unique breadth of printed matter. Elements of the rebrand include a website, an unfolding  newsletter, and stationary.

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    Censorship Catalouge- Christina Bull

    A catalogue of 24 books in the Pratt Institute Library on censorship. Translucent pages feature obscuring rectangles which reveal content beneath when turned.

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    Existential Crisis Gum- Christina Bull

    An alternative book about existential crises. Questions on existence are printed directly on the sticks of gum, implying the audience must “chew on” these inquiries for themselves.

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